Meng Shaoshao, what should we do to make Hu Renren lose his heart? Taoist priests are graceful and graceful, Yingyuan is a strong class, and Chen Xianhai is also higher than them.

At the moment, the title of teaching animals is not so good, and even his heart is desperate
What should I do? Meng Fei’s eyes are getting colder and colder. Quietly take a Dan medicine and sneer at it and kill it first.
When he left the Forbidden City, Feng Feng gave him a jade box and actually a jade bottle containing this Dan medicine.
It is said that this elixir was successfully refined after Dingyuan Hou killed a monster beast with ashes and extracted its body and soul for several years.
This kind of Dan medicine was refined in Dingyuan Hou, and four of his favorite brothers had a famous beast Dan.
The medicinal properties of Veterinary Dan Meng Fei knows that Veterinary Dan is a kind of monster beast that can make the cultivation temporarily use the monster beast force to make its body become stronger than the powerful Dan. Chapter three hundred and sixty Incarnate BaoXiong.
Chen Xianhai strode to Meng Fei and smiled gently. Brother, the teacher of beasts heard that the more you drink, the worse you get. Do you need to drink now?
Not far behind him, Taoist Mao let him fear that his true qi would condense and quickly form a green-skinned ghost king with four uniting spirits filled with dense haunting.
Meng Fei took Dan medicine without looking, so he stuffed it into his mouth and swallowed it. Brother Hu Ling, you should go to Jubao Zhai first. The Lord of Wanhua Palace is in charge of the ghost king. People dare not do anything.
Meng Gong, what about you? Sun Yang feared in his heart.
Linghu Ren dragged him away to say goodbye and asked him what he was going to do.
Meng Fei saw that they were relieved from their hearts.
As soon as he knew the efficacy of this Dan medicine, Xue Yichen and others stayed here and really made him feel that they were in the way. Instead, they could let him finish his display after they left.
It must be serious to be treasured by such ashes as Dingyuan Hou. He looks big and slowly urges the medicine.
Dingyuan Hou’s whole body repair is already broken into ashes. The second stage is that he has ever seen a master who is inferior to blood killing Hou. The power of rewarding life-saving pills in his old man’s house is unquestionable.
Chen Xianhai grimaced and said, "You really don’t want to drink and be crazy."
Taoist Mao frowned slightly and said, Xianhai, don’t talk so much. Kill his uncle quickly. I have to go to Fang Wangye’s house.
Meng Fei strode to Chen Xianhai to kill you and not drink.
Behind Chen Xianhai, the ghost king is getting more and more sinister, and Meng Fei laughs. I’ll shoot you first, and then you will find those little guys unlucky.
Meng Fei didn’t feel anything strange when he took the first step, but when he took the second step, he felt a violent surge of vitality in the abdomen.
By the time I took the third step, the vitality had spread to the limbs and the bones were shaking.
After the fourth step, his muscles are bulging and his skin is swollen. The veins in the veins stand out and are densely woven into horrible abnormalities.
He walked forward to the fifth step, and his physique suddenly rose three inches. The sixth step rose one foot. The seventh step, Meng Fei was taller and stronger than the black cow that just fell from the sky.
The first step is that he is already full of muscles of the same giant. It seems that the muscles of the old tree are knotted and the force is magnificent.
His clothes were torn to pieces, and his sandals were cracked by the wide and thick instep. His eyes were bulging and his eyes were sunken, and it seemed that he was angry and violent.
This head of Xiong Gao is nearly five meters tall and magnificent.
Meng Feimai’s ninth step, his vitality unexpectedly swelled sharply and he was full of flesh. Let him repair all the way and soar to the sixth and seventh segments of the earth star.
He became energetic, a round of scorching sun burst into Tianchen in the blink of an eye, and climbed from Tianchen section to Tianchen section in his tenth step, and then rushed to Tianchen section 9 for another drastic change, and white light flashed all over his body.
From a distance, it makes people feel trance, and he is shrouded in a dazzling burning sun.
The ringing of his body skill made him repair the nine sections of instant accident, which proved the signs of life and death.
Suddenly, a huge water wave rose in his feet to hold his body firmly, but it was Meng Fei who turned the body into a demon bear, thus gaining the talent of the demon bear to save the water.
The medicinal power contained in this beast-shaped Dan is terrible. He only took a few steps to make him soar into the realm of life and death.
This kind of repair is not the superposition of uniting skills, but really Meng Fei has temporarily entered the realm of life and death. The monster beast demon yuan is the energy in the beast Dan, and Meng Fei is now a big demon
The demon yuan of other body is still surging and boiling, and the water waves are getting bigger and higher, and he is lifted to a height of more than ten meters, which makes him feel that the power of Lunbi seems to be able to move mountains and rivers.
Every step forward, his feet move to form a huge wave to support his body.
Taoist Mao’s eyes were straight, and his face became more ugly than before. He muttered, "All animals teach holy magic, black holy water bear’s spirit is refined into violence. Xiong Dan, isn’t this the core brother of all animals teach even this holy spirit Dan?"
Chen Xianhai also saw his eyes straight, but after a long time, he also found that Meng Fei was stuck in the realm of life and death, and immediately he was relieved to giggle. What trick is this to tell you that you will die in the hands of my ghost king no matter how big you become
Meng Fei turned a blind eye to him. At this time, he is no longer a rival’s life and death situation, but really entered the life and death situation. A violent and murderous atmosphere flooded into his mind, which made him unable to resist a kind of intense destruction and wished to raze everything in front of him.
Chen Xianhai flew into a rage when he saw that he regarded himself. He immediately attacked the ghost king to Meng Fei. His ghost king was also very large, but he was simply a tiny person in front of Meng Fei. He was destroyed by the surging air billow when he came to Meng Fei in the future.
Taoist Mao’s face changed dramatically, and he quickly shouted, "Hide first."
Meng Fei was attacked by his eyes, and the last trace of wisdom disappeared. He was accused of murderous look, and his eyes were red with one punch. He fell to his fist and met Chen Xianhai’s life mansion, which was directly crushed by his fist.
Uncle Chen Xianhai turned pale and shouted that his fist would directly smash him into a meat pie.
This punch fell to the ground and the gravel flew around the ground, showing a huge pit of more than ten meters in Fiona Fang
The collapse of the surrounding houses can feel a strong earthquake with the lifting of a venue and the moving of a sea mountain city.
Before Taoist Mao came to succeed, Chen Xianhai was so cruel that he laughed and killed my nephew. Even if you are the core brother of the Animal Education, you will die today. He reached out and grabbed the skull above his head. This skull was made of the skulls of many people. The shaking skull horse became more differentiated than the huge clicking, and hundreds of skulls went straight to Meng Fei.