Before stepping, Lin followed the blind old man closely, and then the pace was still so slow and slow, and the footsteps were still dying, and the old man was slow.

Lin moved quietly behind him, and he was not impatient with the extremely slow speed. He looked calm.
At this slow speed, Lin moved through this temple for nearly an hour before he realized that the old man suddenly stopped in front of him.
When his footsteps stopped, Lin’s sight was lifted for the first time, and then he saw a light film in front of him in a bowl-shaped upside down, and four stone tablets stood silently in the light film.
The blind old man slowly raised his thin palm and paddled lightly, but a milli-ray of light passed through his fingertips, and then Lin moved to see the light film, even with a mouth that was torn by living.
This is the spirit.
Lin’s miniature eye pupil stared at the old man’s fingertips intensely. When the previous milli-light flashed, he noticed a familiar fluctuation, which was the spirit.
But that kind of spirit fluctuation from the old human body is simply condensed several times compared with him.
If Lin’s spirit is a pool of spring water, the old man may be the Wang Yang sea, and there is no comparability.
He actually majored in spirit.
It’s no wonder that Lin’s heart vibrates. It’s always in his body that he can’t notice the fluctuation of yuan force. The blind old man majored in spirit. This is the first time in his history that he has seen such a powerful man.
The blind old man didn’t know that Lin Dong wanted to tear his mouth open. He stepped in gently and Lin Dong followed quickly with the load.
The light in front of the light film suddenly dimmed, and a strange pressure came from the front, which made Lin’s heart slightly restless and immediately looked up at the front.
There are four black stone tablets standing quietly, and that kind of pressure comes from the stone tablets. Chapter six hundred and sixty-one The barren demon eye.
Chapter six hundred and sixty-one
The black stone tablet stands quietly in the light film and crawls, which makes people feel depressed if an amazing Shaqi of ancient fierce beasts is emitted and rippled in the air.
These four stone tablets are extremely large, which is a little bigger than those seen in the Wu Dian before Lin moved, and this stone tablet has the kind of fluctuation that those stone tablets did not have before.
These four stone tablets are all holding a kind of extremely strong martial arts. To some extent, it is the strongest martial arts in our deserted temple except for the Great Barren Sutra. The blind old man looked at the four stone tablets with his hands behind him and his eyes were gray. The direction was light and said,
These four kinds of martial arts are not ordinary brothers, but only four brothers have cultivated the first stone tablet, but no one has been able to cultivate it successfully yet.
Lin moved slightly, and the temple was full of talents, but I didn’t expect four of the four martial arts practitioners to practice one of them.
These four kinds of weapons are also high and low. Lin suddenly asked
If you really want to distinguish between high and low, the first stone tablet is really a little easier to cultivate, and the second one is a little harder, and the third one and the fourth one are the strongest.
And that week catharsis is the science of uniting the third stone tablet face Wu and the fourth he didn’t practice successfully when he first entered here, the blind old man slowly way
Lin moved slightly, and the fourth stone tablet Wu was so abnormal that even Zhou Tong’s predecessor failed to practice successfully.
This is not that his talent is not good, but that the fourth stone tablet has a slightly strange requirement for cultivation.
Words here, the blind old man’s voice had a delicious meal, which seemed to be a look at Lin’s movement before he went on to say that Wu needs Yuan Li’s spirit, and all of them hold strong attainments.
Lin move my heart a sudden this is talking about him?
Take a look at it first, and then choose a stone tablet. The blind old man waved his hand and said lightly.
Smell speech Lin Dong also hurriedly respectfully replied, and then quickly glanced at the first stone tablet. The stone tablet was completely black and iron, and on the tablet surface, four Jude iron pens sketched and the ancient fonts were dazzling.
Da Xing Gang Quan
Lin’s eyes were fixed on the ancient characters on the tablet surface. From these fonts, he could feel a kind of majestic and violent meaning. I think this martial arts must be the kind of heroic road.
This is Jiang Hao. They practiced Wu Yao. Lin’s eyes flashed slightly and thoughtfully, and they stepped towards the second stone tablet again.
In the second stone tablet, a dark sword is carved, and the black fog fills the air, and a kind of yin chill permeates, and even Lin Dong feels the skin chills.
Great dark erosion sword