Said the Long Xuan glanced at has revealed the color of despair Lou home brothers thought "it seems that today is not! I have to find a way to run for my life as soon as possible. If I had known that these people had this hateful array, I wouldn’t have been brave just now. If I had left quickly, they might not really have found me! What else is there to say now? If I can’t think of anything else … Do I have to do that? "

In fact, Long Xuan is calculating that the Lujia brothers are flirting with each other, so there is no calculation? And if you pay attention to look carefully, the Lou brothers’ eyes are not as tired and vulnerable as they show. Obviously, at this time, their three-person alliance has existed in name only, although they are still cooperating with pushing, but they are not thinking about defeating their opponents, but calculating that they can let their companions attract more firepower to break through and create more opportunities.
It seems that those mobsters also felt that the situation had changed subtly, and at this time they didn’t push as hard as they did just now, because they jumped over the wall when they were in a hurry! What’s worse, three well-trained and famous monks! At this time, it’s best to slowly exhaust their last mana so as not to increase casualties when they die.
But the robbers’ wishful thinking was too loud. At this time, the Long Xuan and the Lujia brothers seemed to have already discussed it. As if they all took out desperately tricks, they saw that Long Xuan suddenly had a flash of yoshimitsu in his eyes and started to cut his left arm!
You will see Long Xuan mumbling the brokeback into the middle of the tunnel, and that leaving the right hand is even more flashing in France and India. Look at the blood of the brokeback in the middle of the tunnel, which is visible to the naked eye, aging and necrosis until it finally turns to ashes! And that Long Xuanren is getting more and more energetic with this process!
Yi Yu saw this strange change and couldn’t help wondering in his heart. Chen Zi and Cha Shuangying obviously knew that the mystery was all amazing. See Yi Yu’s doubts. Chen Zi explained, "This is a puppet body double technique, which means that the cost of self-mutilation is transferred to the limb and the injury is recovered in a short time. It seems that this time the old black dragon is really desperate."
Double check also sighed "Long Xuan that old guy is really willing to blood! Once this’ Puppet body double’ technique is put into use, I’m afraid it will take him at least a hundred years to repair! "
Yi Yu couldn’t help but be frightened. It’s a big price to pay for a hundred years!
Said the lujia brothers also unambiguous in Long Xuan use’ puppet body double’ technique at the same time, the two brothers also desperately will see that two people are bare-chested and covered in red eyes evil light explosion flicker magic gas diffuse seems to be cast what evil magic to hermetic.
Look at that brother Lu, who suddenly raised his head high and opened his mouth to the extreme, and that brother Lu Liang actually waved his hand and slapped it on his crown and heard "click"-he actually smashed his crown! As Lu Liang came out from the inside, a white light flew directly into Lu’s mouth.
Look at that Lou waved his hand and caught Lu Liang’s flesh in his hand. He heard a series of muffled sounds with his single arm. He unexpectedly abruptly turned his brother’s flesh into a red and white meatball! Swallowed it in one gulp!
Look at this appalling scene, even the monks who besieged them were shocked! It is obvious that Lu Liang is not dead, but his brother is a body.
To a piece, but this method is a little too cruel and
However, for Long Xuan and the Lujia brothers, this decisive and very shocking means, Chen Ziqin sneered and snorted "three stupid guys!"
Yi Yu slightly one leng, "huh? What does Ziqin mean? I think it’s a moment when the three of them decided to do things. How could Jay say that? "
Chen Ziqin light way "their mind biting situation decisive is commendable, but at this point they don’t want to work together to break through, but naturally calculate their companions! Isn’t it stupid that the other party can attract the attention of the enemy by itself and still want to escape? "
Double check also said, "Yes! It’s a pity that they are not the same after all and can’t trust each other! If the two families use this kind of desperate tactics at the same time, it is not impossible to break through at all, but now they are fleeing separately, and I am afraid that they will eventually be defeated. "
If you check the double shadow, you will see that Long Xuan screamed and was shot down from it! Although just Long Xuan cast the’ puppet body double’ technique, his body injury is too heavy, but it is far from being able to completely balance the vitality of an arm. Now, the injury has not healed, but he has lost his arm and a lot of blood. Although he struggled a few times with a good mood at the beginning, he can no longer stay up after ten strokes.
On the other hand, the Lushi brothers are better than the Long Xuan. Their injuries are not so heavy, and the strength of the two people is greatly increased after they are integrated. Although the power of the Taiyi Xingsha is less than one tenth now, it can barely resist the enemy’s attack.
However, it is only a matter of time before the Lushi brothers perish. Now Long Xuan has lost. Those robbers have separated three people to synthesize three talents. Long Xuan will be trapped in the array and will not attack. The remaining seven people will fly to the Lujia brothers. If these seven people join the fray, the Lujia brothers will definitely not last long.
At this time, the leader Han has retreated to the outside of the war circle and looked coldly at the Lujia brothers who are still fighting. They showed a hint of winners and laughed. "Don’t resist asking you to hand over Taiyi Xingsha, and I will spare your life. After all, we don’t want to have a grudge with the pale old man and you don’t know that we are that way. I don’t need to kill people …"
Although I know that this is disintegrating his will to fight, when people are desperate, they will always have some good luck, and that will benefit them. This kind of psychology is eating away at the Lu brothers’ final will. The collar actually doesn’t expect them to really surrender. What he needs is a moment of weakness and absence, and then his hand will have the opportunity to pierce the flying sword into Lu’s body.
I don’t know whether the strategy came into effect or whether the Lujia brothers had really run out of oil and lamps, but they saw that he had suddenly lost his momentum and had given up his last resistance, and ended his life by pouring several flying swords into his body.
When the Lu brothers died, the collar smiled and waved, and then pointed out that it was still lingering. After receiving the instructions, the well-trained monks immediately rushed to the past. It seems that they are going to exterminate the roots, but the collar is careful to go to Lu’s body. It should be to collect the Taiyi Star Sand.
Just then Yi Yudao "let’s start work! Don’t let Long Xuan die. "
Check double slightly one leng, "do you want to save Long Xuan? No way! It’s too easy to let the cat out of the bag. If the old man knows that we watched his brother be killed, from ruin will definitely not let it go. "
Yi Yu smiled slightly. "Who said I was going to save him? I mean, it’s not new if he can’t die now, is it? Like a jade sister! "
I don’t know when Xin Ruyu came out of the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, but she was right beside Yi Yu! Smile "yes! When the dragon dies, it is not fresh, and the dragon meat can’t be cooked. It must be slaughtered and washed before the pot. From the time of dying to the pot, it is absolutely impossible to pass twenty hours! "
I almost didn’t call out when I checked the double shadow. Where are these? Emotional Yi Yu, they are going to catch Long Xuan and eat it! But what made him even more frightened was that he didn’t feel when Xin Ruyu came here! Actually, I want to bifurcate Xin Ruyu’s repair, although it is worse than him, but there is nothing close to it. It is just that some characteristics of the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ can hide the breath in and out of it.
At this time, I was really surprised by the strength of "Pure Land of Blissfulness". Just this Chen Zi, Xin Ruyu and Shen Dirt, this three sisters, are stronger than their alliance of Xuanyuan French King and demon corpse Guchen, not to mention Qi Xia ‘er, Bao Xiang’s wife, Yin Su Tang, and Da Dian’s people. If you want to know the funeral, please see "Robber"
The three hundred and forty-fourth robbery robber
Said that check double shadow heart secretly surprised by Yi Yu their strength is heavy and Yi Yu want to go, he also couldn’t help some glad andao "shout! Fortunately, in the past, it didn’t seem that there was any resentment with them, but it was not bad. If there was no need after that, it was best not to be enemies with those crazy women. "
Cha Shuangying laughed quickly. "I’ve seen my heart like a god!"
However, Xin Ruyu’s face was not good when she picked it. "Check the double shadow! How can you see that my mother is a nun! "
Check double one leng hurriedly changed to "that … yeah yeah! Seen Xin Xian. "
Yi Yu also didn’t want to make the double check too embarrassing. She hurriedly said with a smile, "Sister Yu, the old black dragon will be yours for a while. It’s better to go home and cook a pot of dragon soup for many sisters. I heard that this black dragon has been in operation for more than 5,000 years. The most important thing is that yin beauty will be better than those dragons in the East China Sea and the North China Sea!"
When I heard this, Cha Shuangying sighed in my heart. "I heard that it was a great merit to kill more than 20 people by killing dragons and killing dragons in the Beihai War with my brother, Teacher Shen Ni! Is it actually to satisfy the appetite? !”
Yi Yu added, "Check the double shadow, and I’ll leave it to you! I believe that your strength to solve him is just a matter of three or two strokes. The law is yours. Remember,’ Three strokes to break the array and five strokes to destroy the enemy’. If you brag, see how I can tidy up you. "
Chen Ziqin pride hum a "hum! And said I was bragging. You arranged work for us all. Then what are you doing? Lazy egg! "
Yi Yu laughed. "I’ll cheer you up! Besides, this time, it’s someone who looks for friends. You can’t let them watch! That black dragon must be Sister Jade, or she won’t be anxious with me! Didn’t you just itch to try? I also sacrificed my own opportunity to give these people to you! "
Chen Ziqin Chen way "bah! I got a bargain and sold it! "
Actually, Yi Yu’s arrangement is a little overstepping. This time, it’s somebody else’s double check and they are invited to help. It should be the double check master who arranges everything. But now, Yi Yu’s side is three to one, and the strength is strong. Although some people are against the guest, they don’t want to be picky here.
Cha Shuangying is the most realistic person. If he has enough strength to support him, he won’t find things unacceptable. Of course, if the other party doesn’t have the strength, I’m afraid it will never be lenient to take a piece of cloth from their home to check Shuangying. In fact, it’s not just checking Shuangying. Isn’t it the same for others?
As the ancient sage said,’ the poor cannot be moved from wealth to wealth, nor can they be prostrated’. These are all rare virtues that will be remembered by people because it is really difficult to do this. However, as the saying goes,’ wealth begets lust and poverty begets stealing’ and’ sage cloud’ is an ideal, but it is self-evident to sum up the reality.
As soon as Yi Yu’s voice was finished, he saw that the four men drew four golden lights and rushed to their respective targets. Of course, Yi Yu also rushed to him and Cha Shuangying’s colleague, because the leading Han was going to get the Taiyi Xingsha at this time, while the knot monks all went to attack the old black dragon. Although there was a distance between them, Yi Yu was afraid that Cha Shuangying would swallow the Taiyi Xingsha on the spur of the moment. Besides, Yi Yu and Cha Shuangying did not dare to make casual friends.
The four men rushed out so boldly that they didn’t make any sneak attack. It was a piece of cake to destroy these robbers with their strength, and they didn’t make any sneak attack means. Besides, now that the leader hasn’t got Taiyi Xingsha, they are not afraid that they will run away as soon as they meet each other.
As soon as the leader Han saw the two dodging lights coming, he knew that it was not good, but he was about to get Taiyi Xingsha. If he refused to give up, he saw that Han hurriedly destroyed mana and was careless, so he rushed to Lu’s hand to take Taiyi Xingsha.
However, if we consider that Cha Shuangying and Yi Yuke are both experts, is it that the repair can be regarded as a first-class Chinese? See check double shadow body urgent progress suddenly rose nearly times! Direct attack on the back of Han’s head If Han insists on taking Taiyi Xingsha, his brains will burst and he will die, and Yi Yu will disappear directly. When he reappears, he will have stopped smiling in front of Lu, and it is impossible for the leader to seize Taiyi Xingsha again!