That pick Jin Xian threw the gourd to Bai Qidao. This is a Yin-Yang gourd. When it is about to be broken, another one will be born. Do something about it.

He Jinxian said that he was very irresponsible and plunged into the mirror of Kunming Market to get benefits.
Leitian startled to see the gourd crack in his hand, and the other hand immediately showed a brand-new gourd.
Well, this gourd is also a sacred object. It’s really generous to give it to Kunlun now, but if you don’t solve this celestial source, you can’t do things all the time.
Leitian is more stuffy than this thing. How can I take this violent state and send it into the seven-star magic gun? I’m afraid nine star souls can’t afford it. Whether they are asleep or awake, Leitian will not take this measure.
Let’s go back there in Leitian. Luo Xiu said it was Ziwei Palace, the Emperor of Ziwei.
White starting point nodded, Yuan Shen Fa Zhu wrapped three people. First, the ghost bead came to the underworld, and then quickly started the neck key and returned to the three walls.
Sanyuanxing is calmer than Xiaoyu. Seeing this palace all over the sky, I was surprised. This is where the stars live.
Looks like a place to enjoy. There’s no defense.
When it rains, she will say something meaningful, and it won’t be leitian. She, the yuan god Fazhu, fled to a place where there are almost no stars, and then she took the gourd and wry smile. Luo Xiu, what can you say?
Nonsense, of course, is no way out. Luo Xiu is also depressed. This thing is a huge burden. Kunlun sent it directly to Leitian to make it impossible for her to have the same state of Leitian, and she could not find any good way.
Leitian shook his head and went to the demon gourd to wear a set of star armor and enter the Forgotten River. It is an idea that Forgotten River water can kill fairies.
Leitian star armor is also rapidly melting. Leitian put the gourd in the depths of forgetting Sichuan, and he will continue to manipulate the armor to replace the broken Yin and Yang gourd, so that his mind will be damaged by forgetting Sichuan
However, this method is really ineffective. The power of forgetting Sichuan comes to a Zhou Yuan, and the Emperor Yuan is very afraid of this forgetting Sichuan water bottle gourd of Yin and Yang before it is broken, so that the Emperor Yuan sends a scream.
Leitian wouldn’t call him six eyes at all. He hasn’t seen the signs of weakness of Tiandiyuan for the time being, and he still dare not let it go directly and forget the water to deal with it.
Luo Xiu anxiously waiting for the drizzle next to Forget Sichuan Luo Xiu what is that?
Her finger is a red flower on the other side of Forgotten River. These flowers are very strange with dark black leaves.
It’s Datura leitian, the flower demon
He only works with monsters.
What are you talking about?
Am I wrong? Qingmen is almost a monster’s nest now. I wonder if those monsters still eat people.
What do you want?
If you eat people, I’ll watch them. I haven’t seen monsters eating people before. It must be terrible and exciting.
Chapter three hundred and seventy Manshu Shahua
Luo Xiu thoroughly talked about Xiao Yu. What’s wrong with this human brain? What’s good about monsters eating people? In ancient times, everyone ate each other and monsters.
It is Luo Xiu who doesn’t want to chat with Xiaoyu. She is educated for fear that Xiaoyu will talk to her and say something strange.
The rain is not let go of Luo Xiu. How does she feel about Luo Xiudao’s double major for your little white brother?
Luo Xiu black face ask you why you ask this?
I’m curious. I haven’t slept with a man yet. My mother said that you should never give in easily, otherwise people will think that you are mean and won’t value you.
Luo Xiu is angry but not drizzling. The more you bicker with someone like that, the more interested she becomes.
The rain didn’t intend to stop, she continued. I also tried to take a look at Jin Xian when I waited for Brother Xiaobai. If I don’t try, I won’t have a chance.
After the Golden Fairy, you can give up your body. Even if you keep it, it will be a leitian Luo Xiu. This body is not a member, but a powerful weapon.
Sister Luo Xiu really can’t stand the rain. If you think about how to help Leitian, what is my nonsense here?
Yudao, we’re all lovers in leitian now. Why don’t you call me Sister? Just call Sister Xiaoyu. What can I do to help? Hey, if I don’t make trouble for him, I’ll just help him.
I’m older than you, Luo Xiu. After all, it’s a woman who can’t help but refute Xiao Yu’s sentence.