Xuanzhen laughed. "It’s good to know that your sisters grew up with us. You can have a good home. We are naturally happy and will contribute to it. Don’t worry that fake Situping will be dealt with."

Qin Ziling said simply, "True or false may be important to you, but it is equally important to us, but no matter whether our current husband is true or false, we will not marry this person."
She pointed to the real Situping there, and then looked at Miao Yi, a real person, Qi Shuming and Master Fentuo with cold eyes. After that, she just wanted to continue to say something.
Xuanzhen suddenly interrupted and quickly asked, "Ziling girl, what’s the matter with you? It’s really here. If you don’t marry, won’t you save your mother? It’ s nonsense. "
See his one eye Qin Ziling coldly said, "our mother things we will think of some way to without this person is not necessarily my mother can’t rob elder don’t threaten us again.
Now that we have decided to marry that person that day, whether he is true or false, whether he can really help my mother or not.
Our sisters are all his wives, and he is our only husband. We will always be his wife in this life. We will make our own decisions and don’t bother you. "
"You are simply ah! How could you do this? Don’t you miss your mother? How can you make a mistake again? " Xuanzhen was lit by her angry fingers and said
From just now to now, things have happened very quickly, but the reality of bliss has been flipping his mind all the time. Master Bai Fentuo’s hand, the real Situping, took it out and cut his own path directly.
Now even SiTuPing is false, and naturally there is no excuse to intervene in this matter. But now that the Qin sisters are unwilling to remarry, everything will turn around.
Thought of here, he said simply, "Xuanzhen Ziling girl said yes, their own affairs should be decided by themselves. What do you follow? Forget it. "
Then he turned to’ Ink Phoenix’ Shen Relan and said, "Lan girl, go and see your master elder brother. If it’s nothing serious, let him come here. Things need him to talk about it in person."
Before Shen Relan answered Qin Ziling, she took Qin Han calyx up and saluted him and said, "Thank you, grandmaster. I’ll go and ask you to stay for a while."
When she finished, she took Qin Han calyx with a face of surprise and walked away. Shuangying also got up and shouted, "Sister, wait for us. We go with you. I don’t know what happened to my brother now." It’s really annoying here. "
When his voice declined, he skipped out. Xuanzhen and others all looked ugly at the moment. The Three Immortals in the East China Sea didn’t expect Shuangying to have such a deep prejudice against Emei Sect and fell into his face on the spot.
The three men looked at each other, but there was no good way. After Master Fentuo picked things up, she was watching the fun. She wanted to expose the truth and find a chance to kill those who disturbed the cat.
However, the two little girls chose to make things troublesome, but she was not in a hurry. She was waiting for the two little girls to bring people, and she could act according to circumstances.
At this time, tian hu and Shuangying came to the healing place of Song Chang-geng. After seeing Song Chang-geng, Li Yingqiong and Yu Yingnan chirped about what had just happened.
Finally, Li Yingqiong asked curiously, "That’s what happened, brother. Are you really not Situping? Or those old guys wronged you? If they dare to wronged you, we will fight with them. "
Yu Yingnan waved his fist and echoed, "If they dare to wronged you, we must never let them go, but they are just brothers. You are pretending and you are not afraid that we will recognize you as our brother."
Qin Han calyx, with tears in his eyes, also said with injustice, "Brother, no matter who you are, both British sisters recognize you as a brother, and my sister and I also recognize you as our husband. We are not afraid of the big deal, so why bully us when we fight with them?"
Qin Ziling stopped their three arrogance clamoring earnestly and asked, "What happened to your body injury? If you can’t, don’t go out. Everything is backed by grandmaster. "
Although Song Changgeng’s physical injury was still very serious, the root could not be cured in ten days, and now it is temporarily stable, but he did not expect that the three immortals in the East China Sea could find the real Situping.
More unexpectedly, Qin’s two girls chose to look at four girls. He knew that he had done so many things and it was finally worthwhile. Now several girls already have him in their hearts.
He was slightly pale because of the injury, and his face floated with a smile. He smiled at the four girls and said, "They didn’t say anything wrong. I’m not really Situping. I’m pretending.
My real name is Song Chang Gung, Taoist Lingyang, and I am the 12th generation master of Youmen, the great imperial Buddhist, the wonderful nun Xu Fei Niang, and my sworn sister.
Pretending to be Situping is because I want to get close to you guys. Now that you have exposed me, you all recognize me as your brother and husband, so I’ll go and see with you. "
At Qin Ziling deeply, he smiled at Qin Han calyx and said, "I didn’t expect them to find the real Situping. It seems that I was too kind and careless at that time.
However, it really makes me very happy that you can choose me when you know that I am false. You can rest assured that your mother is my mother and I will try my best to solve her problems. "
Seeing several girls all looked surprised and worried, he said with a smile, "Don’t worry, although my injury is still not healed, I am ready for them. Let’s go and see these senior people."
Speaking of it, he turned to Qin Ziling and Li Yingqiong and said, "Ying Nan and Han Calyx will go in with me. Ziling and Ying Qiong will go out once and take this to bring me in from outside the mountain."
Chapter one hundred and ten Blissful centuries
The page will be published in the afternoon. If you don’t collect it, collect it. It’s hard to find it when it’s time. I know my own problems and I’m trying to correct them. I hope I can write something that everyone likes.
Song Chang Geng gave two jade cards to two people respectively. After he was injured, he used to use the "Thousand-Li Sound Mirror" in his hand to connect with the "Purple Xuanfeng" on Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea and asked him to send his own black dragon.
There are also six escort confidants lurking in the vicinity of Guihua Mountain. After all, he has never been injured. This time, he is worried that he will be disturbed during treatment.
Let Qin Ziling and Li Yingqiong go and take them in, while he and the British man Han Calyx are walking towards the hospitality tree house, and his heart is a little uneasy.
Although he said he wasn’t afraid, he really wanted to face these people, but he still played drums in his heart, and he was such a master as cutting the green robe bodhi old zu with a sword.