Li is not in a hurry to urge the magic of the Yin spirit not to attack the enemy. These magic of the Yin spirit are to consume the magic that can be as powerful as the false fairy at one time.

These monsters are also good at hand-to-hand combat. Li’s attack lasted for an hour and didn’t kill these monsters. These monsters became more and more anxious. I don’t know why the Lord still didn’t come to meet.
Those guys on the main power island are not the mistresses.
Worried about kung fu, a dark cloud flew from a distance, and in the dark cloud, a white knife fell and hit Li Xiandun.
Immortal Shield didn’t have an attack rebound. Li didn’t hesitate to ask for help. Jade Fu, the monster in the dark cloud, seemed to know that Li thought that a translucent cover would intercept Li for help.
Li didn’t force the phase liu sword to cut the light-transmitting mask as soon as it was lifted. She didn’t care to cut the light-transmitting mask and let the distress message be sent. She immediately went back to phase liu sword to shrink the colorful clouds and summon them back to the split flying fairy shield and put them into the colorful clouds.
Li knows that he is no match for this monster, so he can delay for a longer time until he gets up and rescues in vain.
That black cloud A blue-faced man walked from the cloud with a ghost-headed broadsword in his hand and went straight to Li to hide in Caiyun. Li wanted to ride Caiyun and found that Caiyun was covered by the mask and could not move at all.
It’s really a fairy-level demon, and it’s troublesome to inherit Taoism.
There was a trace of fear in Li’s heart because these monsters were prepared. The six monsters were responsible for delaying herself. She suddenly regretted not asking for help earlier.
The green-faced man came to the top of the mountain, and he didn’t say much. The ghost-headed broadsword in his hand cut Li’s heart and suddenly felt dull. This knife went straight to the colorful clouds.
The power of Ji Xianyuan was crushed to the soul, and suddenly a fire burst into flames, but it was the tauren who gave the kind of symbol.
Li body temporarily a loose phase liu sword suddenly fly up to meet the ghost head broadsword is a sword ghost head broadsword strange wear into the clouds that phase liu sword collided together.
Li’s blood gushed out, and the strength of the ghost broadsword far exceeded the limit she could bear.
Phase liu’s sword is sharper than that of the blue-faced man. It is expected that the blade of his ghost-headed broadsword will be cut off by a sword, which even slightly hurts his fairy.
Li Caiyun whoosh a indentation in the body that mask immediately to shrink lee has turned into a red dragon fly up in the half will escape.
This dragon tactic is that when a real demon clan saw the real dragon that day, it was all a realm to suppress the effect. The blue-faced man didn’t cover Li by Li Feifei without checking the mask.
He was hurt by the fairy, and he became angry from embarrassment. In front of five hands, he was ashamed. This green-faced man stormed out. If he was escaped from his hands by an artificial fairy, the military forces would never listen to his own orders again.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-four Guild Wars
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Li Hongxiu turned the dragonfly into the blue-faced man’s ghost-headed broadsword and threw it at the sky, but it was not the skill of Xianbing, but the speed of this broadsword was brought to the extreme by his poor strength.
This is not a magic skill, but Li Hongxiu’s shield has no counterattack ability
Fairy shield was chopped by this broadsword again. This time, Li Hongxiu was not injured. Caiyun was broken against the dragon. What it means is that nothing can resist the broadsword attacking again.
Green-faced man flies to pick up the ghost head broadsword in his hand and step across behind Li Hongxiu.
Li Hongxiu felt that her soul trembled. She roared all over the scales and blew up and condensed. It was the third time that a Long Lei hit the blue-faced man. It was the third time that he made a wrong judgment. This Long Lei hit him in the foot. The blue-faced man felt pain in his foot and his feet were dissolved.
The ghost broadsword once again flew to Li Hongxiu’s head, and the ghost broadsword on one side slightly chopped off half of the skull in the corner of Li Hongxiu Red Dragon incarnation.
Li Hongxiu can’t feel the pain anymore. She barely released a dragon thunder and was already in a coma. Her skull was cut off and she didn’t recover.
The blue-faced man came to Li Hongxiu’s back to calm his anger and put another hand in Yi Long’s head.
Li Hongxiu’s soul, a kind of ofuda suddenly flew, and a sharp and fiery iron thorn sank into the hands of the big fellow. The big fellow’s soul trembled with it. This kind of ofuda was sent by the tauren to Luo Xiujian and finally saved Luo Xiu’s life.
That big fellow’s soul burns. Once it burns, it’s uncontrollable. A fire broke out in Fiona Fang for miles. Li Hongxiu Fairy has long adapted to the temperature of the ofuda. The most dangerous fire for her is that the flesh will burn.
People were in a crisis for a while, and the five monsters didn’t escape the fire, burning their souls and screaming for help.
A hundred miles away, Luoxiu, an island in Leitian, was trapped in the magic beads of the Yuan God. A demon clan with three heads and six arms was waving weapons. They were fighting in a place where the tall demon clan was surrounded by hundreds of demon soldiers, and the demon clan’s defense forces were around.
Slaughter Yang Ji has killed thousands of demon soldiers. Luo Xiu looks pale because every time he kills a defensive demon soldier, the demon soldier will turn into a red light and fly into the body of the tall demon family with three heads and six arms. On what kind of attack will kill the demon soldier, the tall demon family with three heads and six arms will be superimposed in strength.
Although the demon clan’s tactics are not vain, they don’t kill Yang Ji, but he has three heads and six arms to defend himself. The six arms, two fairy soldiers and four fairy devices give off power, forming a green halo around his body. The rule is to offset the power of Yuan Shen Fa Zhu.
Leitian roller in hand, but I haven’t found the opportunity. Luo Xiucaiyun released two people and wrapped them in it. The tall demon attack with three heads and six arms was aimed at the fairy hair, but it was difficult to fight back after it was offset by the colorful clouds.
Unless Luo Xiu cultivates to the realm of Jin Xian, the colorful clouds will fight back, but it is also aimed at the innate truth of the body. I don’t know how many years it will take to master it completely.
Li Hongxiu difficult leitian Luo Xiu all know but was entangled in this tall demon race method from here.
Leitian made a determined effort and suddenly jumped into the incarnation of Qinglong. Now he incarnates Qinglong skills differently, which can really exert the dragon power.
The tall demon race was caught off guard by Leitian approaching the body, and a pair of dragon horns slammed into the front of the chest, and the dragon claw grabbed him with a pike in his hand and threw him into the demon gourd.