They are now making the atmosphere of the scene instantly condense. This costume symbolizes a cruel and terrible person.

Evil emperor
Silver mask, silver coat, this man must mean that the evil emperor has won the bow.
A huge bow with the evil emperor is now a bloody bow in their sight. The color of blood is so real and bright. Just smeared with a layer of fresh blood on the bow, blood beads will drop at any time, and the huge bow reminds them of an evil demon who is covered in blood and bared his teeth. The terrible appearance makes them feel slightly numb.
The evil emperor has no doubt
Evil Emperor, he couldn’t believe that he looked down on Fang Evil Emperor’s hand, and that ferocious blood bow shot off a strange blood arrow. Evil Emperor’s ghost suddenly appeared from his discovery to his present, and there was a shocking palpitation color, which made him leave a shocking shadow in the hearts of others at first sight.
The evil emperor’s strength people say that his strength is unfathomable, which is comparable to how strong those people who stepped into Shinto are, but none of them can be prepared to reveal that all the people of the evil emperor are dead, with the exception of his horror name, which is rapidly accumulating in blood.
If the evil emperor is a killer with high strength, it will not cause great panic, but the massacre of two great magic martial families in the windy country pushed his terror to a climax, which made those famous and extremely superior people afraid to violate his form. The official family of the windy country died in the hands of the evil emperor, but today they didn’t do anything against the evil emperor, but they didn’t dare because if they couldn’t bear this tone abruptly, the only thing behind his official family was to kill his family, even a huge and powerful magic martial family in the windy country. What’s more, the evil emperor of others was not only a person, but also a mysterious person behind him.
Relatively speaking, foreign people in gale have far less profound understanding of the terrible degree of evil emperor than Chinese people, and some forces that have been expanding in thousands of years will not be scared by his name.
He is now here to fight for a better world, but whoever dares to fight for it will win or lose, and he will be dead, but he will stop at that high level and make them lose their courage.
Suddenly, there is something cold around, and there is a biting smell in the air conditioning. The evil emperor is facing him alone, and dozens of outstanding experts actually take the initiative to ask questions. A person’s momentum instantly overwhelmed a piece of him, and his faint release of that cold breath has told them what kind of person this is.
On the other side, Yan Xi Ming’s tender body has been leaning against the stone wall and sitting on the flaming bow and arrow. Fortunately, he has been hit hard, but his body aches far from the sense of frustration and humiliation. He was born in the Northern Emperor Sect and knew his unique advantages since childhood. He was rarely known as this naive king. He came to Tianchen with four precepts and elders, but he was holding a heroic gesture of contempt for heaven. He never thought that he was defeated in the first hand. He was still an adult no older than him.
How can he accept the huge heart gap?
The evil emperor is now burning with tea, and double god’s eyes suddenly stare at the evil emperor. There is a tremor in his eyes. He knows the bow in the evil emperor’s hand because it is impressively that he has been looking for it for thousands of years, and only a few people in the northern emperor’s family know its shape.
Catch him at any cost. The bow in his hand is the movement of the Northern Emperor Gong Yanxi tea. It has a strong spirit to change the chaos, and it is strong enough to endure the surge of strength, causing severe pain in the wound. It will make a weak sound in the ears of the three commandments elders, who are shocked and shocked at the same time.
The evil emperor raised his left hand and right hand to slowly pull a bow string that outsiders can’t see. With the bow string, he pulled a red arrow, but he didn’t know that it was condensed by the object, and now the bow is flashing with a rare light. The arrow tip is still a flower.
Hua still wants to break his head and can’t figure out when he has offended this living Yan, but he then thinks that evil cases often kill evil people and smell their faces. Instead of trying to escape in words, he directly rushes to meet the evil emperor. Because it is ridiculous and futile to want to escape in front of the evil emperor, the strength of those two red arrows just gave him a general understanding of the evil emperor’s strength, so his fear in his heart is less.
stay/hold one’s hand
Three stacked together, three shouting commandments sounded, and the elders jumped up at the same time and surrounded the evil emperor in a tripartite confrontation. The first two elders insisted that you are the evil emperor. No matter who you are, this is the Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Conference, and everyone must abide by the rules here. Otherwise, you can learn from each other and challenge each other. You can’t seek revenge and make trouble. It’s broken the rules of Tianchen Magic Martial Arts Conference. Our witness referee of this conference must take you.
The cold aura was suddenly filled with tense atmosphere. The three old people were calm and serious, but their heart beat with great amplitude. Their eyes were more on the bow that had been pulled by the Northern Emperor. The purpose of the Northern Emperor Zong was to find its owner, but it has never been realized since ancient times. Slowly, the Northern Emperor Zong has stopped focusing on this, which may be a lie. Fate originated from human nature, and various desires also expanded with the shift of attention, which allowed the Northern Emperor Zong to deteriorate. Today, I occasionally see the Northern Emperor Bow. They feel that it is still that. It is more exciting and eager than others, because it belongs to the ultimate device of the High God, which has been forgotten and abandoned by them. If we can get its power, the Northern Emperor Sect will definitely add strength to it, and even the Southern Emperor Sect will no longer have to be afraid.
However, the bow of the Northern Emperor won the loyalty of the Northern Emperor Sect to the death. For them, how pedantic and ridiculous it is. It has been accumulated for thousands of years, and the huge power should be given to an outsider because of a few words. It is stupid and hopeless to do it.
Whether it’s Yan Xi Ming Tea or Three Commandments, when the elders saw the evil emperor’s Northern Emperor Bow, the first thing they thought was to take it back. The main idea of loyalty to the Northern Emperor Bow was not even the slightest bit, but they moved their hearts to kill him, and they went to the Southern Emperor Sword with the Southern Emperor Sect when Ye Chen made the change, but the owner of the Southern Emperor Sword was more and more eager to abandon their lives.
The three smells firmly locked the evil emperor’s inexplicable attack on Hua Shang also gave them a perfect excuse. However, they will succeed in the future, and a thunderous roar will ring in their ears. Who dares to hurt my master?
Doddering, burning, burning, and flaming, the tiger body rolled up with an amazing air billow’s fierce impact on the front of the evil emperor. Suddenly, the aura will be ready. Three elders will shake back several steps. At present, a burst of dizziness followed by burning, burning, and light ping is also in front of him. At the moment, those loving old eyes are full of people who dare not stare at the anger and hurt my Lord’s dead body.
A gray shadow is shaking, and now the evil emperor’s side is calm, and his eyes are scary and threatening. Three elders who just want to attack the evil emperor are indifferent than offending our Lord.
Inflammation breaks Cang Yan Qiu Sha and moves to the evil emperor at the same time. On the other side, inflammation breaks Cang’s eyebrows and his face is full of rage. Try again one step closer.
I’ll kill my master, even the Northern Emperor Sect, and I’ll ask him to destroy the Sect.
Another black figure stood in front of the evil emperor. He held a short blade with a faint green light in his hand. He just regained some strength. He didn’t say anything, but his eyes became cold. He had expressed it perfectly.
The elders of the three commandments were stupid there, and the masters of all parties in Tianchen mainland were also stupid there. Even Chu Jingtian stared at the bull’s eye and opened his mouth for a long time.
Chapter 33 Evil Emperor An Arrow Impressive
In the atmosphere of silence, the evil emperor’s body slowly floats away, and no part of his body is moving, as if something is pulling and moving evenly. Generally, his left hand bows and his right hand pulls the bowstring, and a bloody arrow condenses and enlarges again in the bowstring, and the dim red light is getting stronger and stronger, and the bloody bow suddenly flashes more and more frightening.
Rules there are no rules in this world to bind the emperor, because the rules will be set by the emperor, and strength is the greatest rule in the hands of the emperor.